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K-fee Grande Espresso Machine Review 2021

The k-fee grande coffee and espresso machine is a great model for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s an excellent home or office coffee maker that can also produce delicious lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and espressos.

K-Fee Grande Coffee and Espresso Machine
  • 4 cup size
  • 118 oz reservoir
  • 15 sec. heating time
  • Large pods container for up to 30 pods
  • Programmable cup filling quantity
  • Compatible with Starbucks Verismo* coffee and espresso pods


K-Fee Grande Coffee and Espresso MachineThe K-fee Grande is the best brewer for you.It has an enormous 118 oz water tank and a container taht holds up to 30 pods.

Clear displays make  operation so easy anyone can make their favorite drink at the push of a button.

Get your favorite flavor thanks to a wide selection of pods and four programmable drink buttons:espresso,cappuccino,latte macchiato and brewed coffee.

Brewing with the Verismo* coffee machine is quick and easy! Just insert a pod, push down on the lever to start brewing your favorite espresso or specialty drink. Pods are compatible with Starbucks Verismo*, so you can have all of your caffeine cravings satisfied without ever leaving home (or work)! The reservoir holds up to 30 pods at once – that should last for awhile if you use it every day! Brewing time takes just 15 seconds until you’re left holding either an espresso shot or a latte in one hand and feeling more awake than when started. With four size options available- 2 oz., 4oz, 6 oz., 8oz-, there’s something for everyone from those who need their morning pick me up to night

keriug, nespresso machine descaler

2-Pack Descaling Solution

All single-use coffee pot and espresso machines descaling&cleaner

k-fee brewer coffee

Verismo Brewers coffee pods ​

Flavor in a Decaf Pike Place caffeine content for decaffeinated brewer coffee mug.

k-fee coffee mug


Adjust the intensity of your drinks to your taste with programmable cup fill volume setting, espresso coffee

  • which cover a wide range:small cup, Large cup, Extra-large cup,milk.
  • Maximum cup height:6 inches using the lower drip tray or 4.3 inches with the higher drip tray.

Easy To Operate K-Fee Machine ​

Verismo Compatible

Place  the cup under the spout, pull the lever up,insert the capsule,push the lever down and press the button for your chosen drink size – done.

Operating the K-fee Grande single serve coffee maker is child’s play.

The Grande is suitable for use at home,in offices,shops and hotels.



Empty water tank? Full pods holder? Need to change the water filter?Time to clean or descale the machine?The disply will let you know!



If you also want to prepare milk foam using fresh milk, soy milk or almond milk foe your cappuccino, latte macchiato or any other drink, we recommend our K-fee Lattaero milk frother -a splendid accessory that is sold separately.

Duo Pressure Technology Takes Brewing To a New Level K-Fee Machine

k-fee coffee espresso caffeineK-fee machines combine high-quality design and fuctionality: the stunning design is also simple to operate and uncomplicated when cleaning .As a result, conventional coffee machines  just don’t compare to the K-fee systems.Our innovative machines include an automatic switch-off feature and a removable water tank.They’ve been created with consumer use, machine desigh and quality and, most importantly, coffee enjoyment as top priorities.

  • One capsule machine for all coffee drinks 
  • Enjoyment less than 20 seconds after pressing the button
  • Espresso and coffee with an excellent barista-quality crema 
  • Decaffeinated filter coffee-as well large cup sizes
  • Tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino-at any time 
  • The same fresh,aromatic enjoyment cup after cup 
  • A fully optimized system

Is Starbucks discontinuing verismo?

“Is Starbucks verismo Being Discontinued”

Not that I know of, only the Keurig line was discontinued at starbucks. We still actively sell Verismo pods, and ship in a good 2-3 sleeves a week of them

how to descale k fee coffee machine?

To start the descale cycle begin with machine powered off.

Press and hold the Rinse button for 3 seconds. k-fee espresso machine, rinse option button press

When the machine is ready to being descaling:

rinse button press k-fee

  • The descale light will blink rapidly.
  • At this time,make sure the drip tray and capsule container are empty
  • Also empty any remaining water from the water tank.
rinse water tank in k-fee machine

Rinse water tank using process

Add 400 ml of water to the water tank for your machine

Now add 100 ml of descaling solution to the water tank.k-fee grande machine descale solution


Place a container that will hold a minimum of 600 ml under spout.Press and hold the rinse button again, for 3 seconds.

descale process k-fee espresso machine

The water and descale indicators will begin to blink.Now add the water tank back onto the K-fee grande espresso machine.brewed cup k-fee machineThis will illuminate the Brewed cup,the rinse, and the Descale indicators.Now press the rinse button once to begin the flow.The machine will flow off and on the until the water tank is empty.


Once the machine has emptied the water tank:

  • Remove and rinse tank.
  • also remove and rinse the drip tray.
  • Refill the water tank with a minimum of 300 ml of fresh, clean water.

k-fee machine water tank using process(SAME PROCESS REPEATED)

Now add the water tank back onto the machine.

this will illuminate the Brewed cup,the rinse, and the Descale indicators.

Now press the rinse button once to begin the flow.

When the rinse cycle is complete,the water and the descale indicators blink together remove the water tank, and refill it.

When you return the water tank to the machine,

all indicators will turn off and the machine will exit descale mode.



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